2015 February Newsletter

Dear Members,

It’s a cold and snowy February in Fairfield and we are staring at six more weeks of winter!  I am thinking there is still time to renew that license for Ground Hog hunting season.  With golfing in hibernation mode the early season club activity will be focused inside.  Haven’t eaten in the dining room since the renovations?  Perfect time for a date night.  Adam has been working on some new menu items that should be added soon.  We are knee deep in basketball season this time of year so there will be game watches and dinner specials throughout the week to watch the Hawkeyes and Cyclones in the 19th Hole.

I’m pleased to introduce your 2015 directors and their committee chairs.  These are the guys and gals that are working hard to make this our best year ever and I urge everybody to contact them with suggestions, feedback, or if you would like to help out on their committee.

Tai Ward (President), Information Technology / Social Media – tech@fgacc.com

Cory Larson (Vice President), Facilities – facilities@fgacc.com

Jennifer Osby (Secretary), Membership – membership@fgacc.com

Bob Greco (Treasurer), Finance – finance@fgacc.com

Dan Sullivan, Membership – membership@fgacc.com

Donna Steinberg, Social – social@fgacc.com

Sim Buckley, Pool – pool@fgacc.com

Lucas Helling, Golf – golf@fgacc.com

Wendy Marmion, House – house@fgacc.com

The new board would like to recognize the outgoing directors for the countless hours of service they have put in over the past three years.  Jim Horras, Nate Weaton, and Steve Juskewycz are all a huge reason why we as a club continue to head in a positive direction.  There is no doubt that the club is in a much better position today due to some big changes these directors pushed for a few years ago.  Now you guys can sit back, relax, and tip a couple in the 19th hole while enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Another director I’d like to recognize and thank is Dan Sullivan.  He was president in 2014 and oversaw some of the largest renovation projects in the 123 year history of Fairfield Golf & Country Club.  Over $100k was spent on the new back patio, the remodeled dining room, and the renovated great hall.  All of this was fit into Dan’s vision of moving the energy of the club out of the 19th Hole and spreading it into other areas of our clubhouse.  The clubhouse has never looked better.  Thank you Dan.  But we are going to continue to keep you busy with membership committee.

At this time I’d like to introduce the new board members and thank them for volunteering to serve the club and help us to continue to improve.

Donna Steinberg – her creativity and business prowess as a business owner, educator, theater director, and fashion consultant will lend themselves well as head of the social committee and stuffing a calendar full of great events.  Longtime experience on other boards around Fairfield will serve her to help know how to whip our board into shape.

Wendy Marmion – after all the wonderful work putting together the Food & Wine show and leading the subsequent clubhouse renovations we somehow convinced her to continue on and lead the house committee.  Anything to get a night away from babysitting Larry, I guess.

Sim Buckley – legend has it he trained with monks in the Himalayans for a decade to perfect his “hit the front of the rim, somehow still make the basket” shooting style.  His enthusiasm for afternoon napping will serve him well poolside this summer.

Welcome some new 2015 members!

Mark & Heather Swan

Pamala Piltingsrud

Mike & Lisa Schleicher

Shawn McCarty

Shayla Rae

If you don’t know these new members, please go out of your way to welcome them to the club.  If you do know them, please introduce them to the other members.  The Membership Drive will be a huge focal point in 2015 with a stated goal of 50 new members.  That’s an intimidating number that we will only achieve with the help of the entire membership working towards that goal.  One of our greatest selling points will be an active and friendly clubhouse full of happy members, and that’s where all of you come in.  Continue to come to all of our events this year, have a blast, and show our non-members why we have the best club around.

Best regards,

Tai Ward, President for the Board of Directors

Fairfield Golf & Country Club




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